Frequently Asked Questions

  • I forgot to add my Shore Points® number on an order, or I ordered from a 3rd Party service like UberEats. Can I earn points on those orders?

    Yes! Simply log into your account, then visit the Points Self-Registration page. You will need the receipt from your order (either Jersey Mike's ticket, or 3rd Party vendor's). Follow the instructions and enter in the required information to get your points.

  • How can I add or remove a security code?

    To set the security code:

    1. Go to

    2. Tap "log in" and follow the prompts to log in

    3. Log in to your MyMike's™ account

  • Can I donate Shore Points® to a charity?

    We appreciate your interest and thoughtfulness to support a local charity. However, as stated in Jersey Mike's Shore Points® terms and conditions, points do not have a cash value.

  • How many points do I earn for purchasing, or need to redeem?

    Sub Size

    Earned on Purchase

    Redeemable With

    Kid's Meal (where available)



    Mini, or Breakfast Sandwich (where available)



    Regular, Wrap or Sub Bowl






    *A maximum of 144 points can be redeemed per transaction.

    When you redeem your Shore Points®, they will be applied to the lowest-priced menu item you order in the applicable point category. For example, if you order two mini size subs and want to redeem 48 points, your Shore Points® will be applied to the lowest-priced mini size sub in your order. If you order a regular size sub and a wrap and want to redeem 72 points, your Shore Points® will be applied to the regular size sub or the wrap, whichever is lower-priced.

  • Can a MyMike's™ Account have more than one phone number attached to it?

    No, only one phone number can be associated with a MyMike's™ account.

  • I have two different phone numbers for my Shore Points®. How can I merge them?

    If you need to merge two active Shore Points® accounts, please reach out to with both the old and new phone numbers you need to merge as well as the approximate balance on each card. Please note which number you would like to delete and which number you would like to retain.

  • Do my Shore Points® ever expire?

    No! Jersey Mike’s Shore Points® will never expire and are good at any Jersey Mike’s location in the country they were activated in.

  • How can I check my Shore Points® balance?

    The balance will appear on every receipt, or you can check your balance online or via the web or mobile app by logging into your MyMike's™ account. If you do not have one, simply create one using the phone number you use to earn your Shore Points®, then log into that account.

  • How do I redeem points to be used for a purchase?

    Notify the team member that you would like to redeem points for your purchase before the transaction is completed. If using the Mobile App, you would be notified if you have enough points to redeem for your purchase should you choose to.

  • How do I earn points?

    Simply create a MyMike’s™ account and use it to place an online or mobile order. For in-store orders, enter your phone number or scan your app at checkout.

  • I have a new phone number. How can I update it with my Shore Points®?

    Simply log into or create a MyMike's™ account and use the "Change Phone" feature on your account page. Your account will be updated with the new number and your points will be transferred.

  • Where can I view Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy?

    View our rewards program Terms & Conditions here and our Privacy Policy here.