Check Scam Alert

Recently, individuals have received letters purporting to be from a company involved in mystery shopping programs.  Included with each letter is a fake Jersey Mike’s check.  These letters are part of a scam, which we are investigating.   (See Federal Trade Commission Scam Alert)

The letter instructs the recipient to cash the check and transfer most of the money to another person that the scammers designate using Walmart’s money transfer service.  The letter states that the individual may keep a portion of the money for themselves and spend some of it at Walmart.  In exchange, the individual is asked to review their experience using the money transfer service.

In reality, once the bank discovers that the check is fake (which can take several days), the individual will be held responsible for repaying the bank, plus penalties.  By then, most of the money will have already been wired to the scammer.

Jersey Mike’s is not involved in any mystery shopper programs with Walmart and has not, nor ever will, send you an unsolicited check for participation in such a program.  If you receive such a check, it is counterfeit and you should not follow the letter’s instructions.  You can report the scam to the Federal Trade Commission or your state attorney general.