Jersey Mike’s Month of Giving: Bert’s Big Adventure

The day after Jersey Mike’s Day of Giving on March 27, when 100% of sales from the day went to Bert’s Big Adventure, Steve Minnich, Jersey Mike’s co-area director in Atlanta with Jeff Sponsler, revealed the fundraising totals for the entire Month of Giving during one of Atlanta’s most highly acclaimed radio programs, “The Bert Show”:  $82,602!  (this total is actually higher than read on air!)

“Read it again!  Read it again!” cried Kristin Kingshirn, a member of the morning show crew with the charity’s founder Bert Weiss.  After Minnich confirmed the total, she said, “Thank you to the entire Bert’s Show community for going out to get Jersey Mike’s yesterday! 

This is the fourth year Jersey Mike’s has partnered with Bert’s Big Adventure (BBA), started by radio personality Weiss and his wife Stacey.  The organization provides a magical, all-expenses-paid, five-day journey to Walt Disney World® for children with chronic and terminal illnesses and their families. Following the annual trip, Bert’s Big Adventure provides year-round support through initiatives such as the Reunion Adventures, the Fairy Godparent volunteer program and additional charitable services.

"The amount of support that Jersey Mike’s showed Bert’s Big Adventure, simply put, blew me away,” said Weiss.  “Listeners understood the kind of commitment Jersey Mike’s showed and I think the enthusiasm was contagious.  $82K would prove that!"

Last year’s Month of Giving raised $32,000 for the charity, with the 2013 fundraiser showing a 195% increase. This year, the 31 Atlanta area restaurants ranked 5th nationwide when it came to the largest donations throughout the Jersey Mike’s system.  Jersey Mike’s is now one of Bert’s Big Adventure’s biggest donors.

“Bert’s Big Adventure worked hard spreading the word, posting photos on Twitter and Facebook showing the long lines and excitement in our stores,” said Minnich.  “The impact of the donation on Bert’s Big Adventure is huge. They can do so much for the kids with this money.”

Describing the life-changing experience for her children, one of the Bert’s Big Adventure moms wrote in a letter to new families, “BBA sets the bar high for how we should all be.  Though your children are about to be spoiled with an exciting trip with endless surprises, fun toys and all…the most awesome part comes in the vast amount of respect and love the staff will express to your child and in the staff’s devotion to making everything super precious.”