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Meet Folks Who Go Above to Make a Difference in Their Communities

Here are just a few people and organizations who exemplify what it means to Be A Sub Above. Know someone who fits the bill? Nominate them now!

Cindy Brinker Simmons honored by Jersey Mike's

Kicking Kids’ Cancer

If Cindy Brinker Simmons knew we were honoring her Sub Above-ness, she'd holler at us. After all, she founded an organization whose marching orders are to be "others-focused". But we're going to shine some light on her anyway, because she's spent the last 37 years doing everything in her power to eradicate pediatric cancer. And you can't be much more Sub Above than that.

Cindy founded Wipe Out Kids Cancer (WOKC) in 1980 in Dallas. WOKC's core philanthropic mission is to fund innovative and critical pediatric cancer research, as well as to give hope and support to kids (and the families of kids) undergoing cancer treatment.

On both fronts, WOKC has made serious headway. It funds international and domestic research that’s resulted in survival rates going up. And because Cindy knows first-hand how the disease affects not just an individual, but a whole family (she lost her mother to ovarian cancer when she was just 12), WOKC offers support for families. Initiatives like the Ambassador Program and Buddy Bags are a big help to families during extremely trying times.

For Cindy, her work at WOKC is a way to take some of the power and control back from cancer. As she says, "When you have a hole in your heart like I do, marrying activism with emotion can help heal it."

Golden labrador support dog

Small Gesture, Big Difference

Being a Sub Abover doesn't require that you start an organization that raises big bucks for a great cause. We can all Be Sub Abovers by taking everyday opportunities to make a difference in the lives of others.

Take Rudy Pleterski and Cory Hoffman, two Jersey Mike’s employees in Ormond Beach, Florida. A community member walked into their store with a pretty serious concern: she had locked her keys in her car with her therapy dog inside. Let’s pick up the story with a first-hand account:

"I ran into Jersey Mike’s and Rudy lent me his cell phone. He looked up AAA's number for me and helped me get this issue resolved without missing a beat with his customers. Cory was just as helpful and checked on me while I was waiting for AAA. Thank you again!"

So hats-off to Rudy and Cory for coolly, calmly stepping up and doing the right thing - making a difference in someone's life, and doing it for the right reason - because it was the right thing to do. They truly embody the Sub Above spirit, and we couldn’t be more proud.

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